Gibson Les Paul – Sunken Treasure

The Gibson Les Paul Sunken Treasure is a limited run made of reclaimed wood. In 2016 it came with a natural Natural and River Green color option. 

Gibson Les Paul Sunken Treasure – Natural

The body of the guitar is made of mahogany that came from a riverbed in Belize.  It is a modern weight relief body with a carved mahogany top, creme binding around the edges. 

According to Gibson these have a one-piece or two-piece body and a two-piece top. This one has a one-piece body and it is hard to see if it is a one- or two-piece top. 

The neck is made of mahogany as well. It is rounded in the back and has a 22-fret fingerboard made of bulletwood on top (A very dense wood also reclaimed from the riverbed). 

The guitar features `57 Classic pickups and they provide a distinct rock tone with a nice low end. 

Here is a pic the River Green version:

Gibson Les Paul Sunken Treasure- River Green

Keep on rockin’