Welcome GAS patients and Cigar aficionados!

On this site you can find reviews, tests, demo’s and pics of everything guitars and cigars. Like most guitar players I am a gear freak and I like to share my thoughts, remarks and rants on the stuff I love: guitars, amps and cigars!

As a collector I sell and buy guitars, basses and amps. Check out my shop for items for sale!

Please be aware I do not sell or promote cigars, smoking or any use of tobacco! This site is ment to inform the cigar connaisseur (and cigars only!) and to bring people together who love the occasional tasting of a good handmade cigar. I do not support, promote or encourage any person to start smoking. It is my aim to entertain people who love guitars and/or cigars !

Warning: Smoking can kill you! (…and guitars can be addicting too!)

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