Yes, It’s here: The Gibson ES-335 Jim James!

If you know what NGD is, you ‘ll understand I prefer playing this instrument instead of writing about it. Check back later, I ‘ll be busy for a while … Ciao!

Gibson ES-335 Jim James


Not so many postings lately… we were on a vacation in Saint Tropez, France.

What do you do on a not so sunny day? Right, you take a Taylor GS Mini and fiddle around a bit. It is a great travel companion and a remarkably good instrument for the price! I love it!

Taylor GS Mini

Some things moved…

Important announcement!

As from May 2019, this site will be dedicated exclusively to guitars, gear and instruments. I shall bring regular updates and reviews of instruments available at PGC.

People looking for my comments, rants, meme’s and ironic bar talk on society and media can find them at (only in Dutch)! Please stay tuned on for everything guitars, basses, gear and music.

Happy reading!