Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1975

A new toy arrived at the Ch√Ęteau PGC today! Well not exactly “new” … more like vintage. It is a well used and abused Gibson LP Deluxe from the Gibson Norlin era. I noticed the interest for these vintage instrument is on the rise. The Gibson Custom Shop issued a replica of the Mike Ness ’76 Gold Top and the 70’s Deluxe is now part of the Gibson production line. Well here is the real deal. A blast from the past, road worn and aged to beauty a 1975 Cherry Sunburst Deluxe.

Definitely not a collector’s grade guitar but i am not here to collect, these things are made to be played. It has lost the gloss and some finish but it feels great. The action is low and the rosewood on the board has this dark look and glossy dense feel you can only find on a vintage guitar. The weight of the guitar is on the heavy side. Three-piece maple top and “pancake” body. The stock mini humbuckers were replaced with vintage P-90 pickups from the same era. (just like the Mike Ness model).

Why am I writing? Gotta do some playin’…

Vintage Gear Alert: 1964 Fender Jazz Bass

Yep, I am no longer the oldest in the house! I got my hands on a L-series Fender Jazz Bass. All parts are genuine except the body got a refinish in 1966. The original owner didn’t like the sunburst and spray painted it in an electron green lacquer. Too bad, … but still an exceptional instrument!

Besides the refin it is in a good condition. I like the dark rosewood fretboard, over the years it became glossy and even like an ebony board. The first owner installed a little ‘thingy” at the back of the headstock as a replacement for the strap lock you usually can find on these old basses. I also noticed the type of capacitor used with the electronics is stamped on the back of the headstock. First time I see something like this on a vintage instrument.

It is an L-series serial number and the neck stamp reads: 7 JUNE 1964 A. The seven is code for Jazz Bass (not the day of the month) , the first number indicates what type instrument it is followed by the month and year of production. The “A” indicates it is a narrow neck (measured at the nut). “B” or “C” would be code for “Standard” or “Wide” neck.

I haven’t checked the pickups yet. Over the years the pick guard did shrink a little bit and they seem to be pretty tight around the pups. The guard is still in one piece (no chipping or cracks) and I intend to keep it that way.

I am stoked with this one. A players grade bass with a good sound and a fast playing neck. Slap it away…!