Covid-19 survival room!

It has been three weeks of quarantine now since a semi-lockdown was imposed by the government. How to cope with it? Easy! I have my own survival room.  My well isolated sound bunker with toys for tone. The only virus here is GAS!

But dark clouds arise over my shelter. I am running out of stogies! My stash of cigars is running low and online sales of tobacco products is prohibited in Belgium. I’ll be playing the blues soon! DCIM100GOPROGOPR0889.JPGDCIM100GOPROG0070894.JPG

New Guitar Day?

My Honey got me a new guitar. “One of a kind – Custom Shop!” she says!  I was always afraid she would not agree with my “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”.  I bought quite some guitars lately and it left a deep cut in the family budget. But hey! She loves me and obviously she likes guitars too. I am a lucky guy!

I am happy with my new custom shop guitar. “It’s a working man’s guitar” she said. Strange model though… I gotta figure out how to string it. Not sure, maybe it is a bass?  My Honey is very anxious to see me playing it.  Can’t disappoint my Babe… Love is in the air!