Guitar storage

How do you organise your pleasure room? Here at Ch√Ęteau PGC it is getting rather crazy. As a collector I have to stash 90+ guitars and about 20+ (vintage) amps. The house is a labyrint with no escape. If you don’t know your way around you ‘ll be lost for days. I need a bigger house! Well instead of facing the financial abyss from new mortgage, I might have found a wallet friendly solution: Case Storage Racks!

The Guitarstorage double stack racks are a blessing for the guitar collector and gear head. These pieces of functional furniture can hold 25 guitars each. It is the ideal rack for your music room. You can store your guitars with or without cases. I don’t use the “bookshelves” so I can store as manny as possible. The racks are equipped with heavy duty wheels so cleaning dust behind the rack is done in a jiffy.

I ordered 2 of these at Musicstorage, …not cheap to ship large and heavy furniture from overseas but I gained half of my room surface to store more (new) gear. Up to now I have not found a European alternative for these storage devices but how hard can it be to have it made by a carpenter? … or DIY? (No DIY for me, I need my fingers to play the guitars.)

Downside of it: you can only use “guitar shaped” cases on the bottom stack. The typical rectangular Fender cases (or even an oversized acoustic or hollow body case) will only fit on the top shelf.

Overall, a nice storage for your precious guitars. I am happy with it. Let me know how you store your guitars? …or amps?