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Hi folks,

I am suffering a severe case of GAS! Gear Acquisition Syndrome and I know I am not the only patient struck with this disease. Guitars come and guitars go… as a collector I have  a constant flow of gear coming in and every now and then some things have to go.  Stay tuned to this site for gear reviews, demo’s and other silly stuff.  I’ll post regular updates and items I put up for sale. Please check out Pro Guitar Center on Youtube and social media:





Fender Rascal Bass

Tuwan (Antoine Pûtz – 21 Eyes Of Ruby) takes a test drive on the Fender Rascal Bass.  The demo is recorded on an iPhone and he plays the bass thru a vintage Marshall 1959 SLP guitar amp.

The Fender Rascal Bass is the odd child of the Fender Bass family. Short scale, three lipstick pickups and a seven combination switch.  Not a slapper bass …but in all a very multifunctional instrument.