Building a new pedalboard.

Boxing day! No better day for mounting those Christmas presents on my pedalboard! Excitement at Château PGC…

The pedal order is a classic P-T-M-T chain: Pitch – Tone – Modulation – Time.  I started with a Morley ABC switch to use 3 guitar amps at the same time. In this video I only used the C channel and all effects are going straight into the front of an Orange CS 40th Anniversary amp.  The master volume is set below one to prevent waking up the neighbours and  my hangover…

This is the order for my chain: EHX Pich Fork => MXR La Machine (fuzz with octave on) => Xotic Wah => Lovepedal Amp 11 => Lovepedal Stax => MXR Univibe => Kanji 9 => Fat 50 Fuzz => Fulltone OCD => MXR Phase 90 => Lovepedal Butterfly (Chorus) => Vibronaut => MXR Carbon Copy delay => Hermida Reverb => Boss RC2 looper => Amp.

The position of the looper will change. Placing a looper on the top end of the board is way to far for a fast tap. Also to many distortion and overdrive pedals, I have not decided which pedals will go, I guess one or two OD/ distortion pedals is enough. In the demo I use the looper, the pitch fork and the chorus with a little bit of reverb. The demo was recorded with an iPhone so the sound quality is rather poor.

Let me know what you think about the pedal chain, any advise on what sort of pedals? In the near future I shall do some pedal/amp/guitar reviews!


(during the building of the board I smoked a Rocky Patel “The Edge” – how rock ‘n roll is that!)