New Gear Day: Ampete 88S

UPS guys are heroes! They delivered my long time lusted for Ampete 88S! YES!

GOPR0883.jpegHow German can it get: 88S? …Really?  It is not a Skinhead thing or an Oi artifact, it‘s an amp switcher.   This fine piece of German engineering is the quintessence of switchboxes. Forget your Radial or Lehle dual switches, this is the Goliath among the amp selectors. It switches between 8 guitar tube amps and 8 speakers or speaker cabs! Any combination of your tube amp and cab by the simple push of a knob. Save your back and never unplug a jack, here is the Ampete 88S.

Winter Namm has just ended and If you are a gearhead like me, you probably have watched hundreds of Youtube gear flics. Ever wondered how they change amps so easy at the Friedman Booth? This is the secret weapon.  The Ampete 88S is also a load box. It provides the non-active amp with a speaker load (impedance) thus preventing you from frying your precious tube head.

I can’t wait for the Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander to land into the stores. It would be a great combination with the Ampete. The Boss Tube amp Expander is an attenuator like the Ox Box only slightly less expensive and with a dual speaker output (in parallel). The Boss TAE also includes a reverb and delay in the loop, effects you often can’t find on vintage tube heads.

Stay tuned, soon I will post some demo vids of my vintage Marshall and Orange amps. Nothing sounds better than a cranked up 1969 Marshall SLP… Deaf by Audio! For those about to Rock, we salute you!